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About Our Story

A day that begins well, ends well! And the best way to begin everyday is with a full stomach. As the most important meal of the day, the traditional British breakfast is well worth seeking out to satisfy hunger pangs and set you up for the day ahead. All the ingredients have a reason for being: the sausages, the tomatoes slow-roasted, the mushrooms, and everything is always perfectly cooked. It’s a breakfast that’s worth spending a bit of time over.

We are a cozy place in Belfast open all days of the week 7am to 3pm. The menu is light and comprises of Breakfast, Brunch items, burgers, wraps, coffees and much more. We have warm and helpful staff, and somehow, we have become fairly well known not only for our brunches, but a whole lot more: cracking food and drink served with a heavy dose of feel-good warmth and hospitality.

Simple food of the highest quality, served in a warm and friendly environment which ensures our valued guests always leave with a smile on their faces! This is our goal and what we will always strive to achieve.